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Related post: Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 08:35:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, Part ThirteenRELUCTANT GLADIATOR tiny underage porn - Part Thirteen A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesI was allowed the rest of the day off as part of my reward for winning, and spent it by the pool - but I didn't really enjoy it all that much even though Jamie and the two boxers joined me. I kept thinking about the inevitable row with Mike that would occur that evening.It was a really hot day, even underage models elweb for us, and the sun beat down unmercifully. There wasn't any shade, as Philips' Fighters provided us with the bbs real underage pool primarily to ensure we got a good tan as they considered that the public wanted to see gladiators' bodies nicely bronzed, and umbrellas and stuff would negate that. I spend a lot of time in the water, lazily floating on my back with my dick sticking up in a way that I'd never been able to do in a pool before as I'd always had to go to public ones. It's one of the only advantages I can think of to being a gladiator - nude swimming is definitely the best way of doing it, with the water rushing over your entire body without ridiculous tiny Speedos, or those stupid long baggy things all the young guys seem to wear these days. Jamie frolicked around a bit, swimming up to me and splashing me, ducking under me and trying to turn me over in the water as I tried to drowse, and all that sort of stuff that young guys like to do. The two boxers swam a bit, but mostly lay side by side, dozing and talking, but I did notice that they oiled each other fairly frequently - and they didn't confine themselves to the parts of each other you can't reach for yourself, like the middle of your back: it was more like a whole body massage, with one kneeling beside the other, then running his oily hands all over is buddy's body - shoulders, back, butt, thighs, all of it. And then the other side - including massaging oil onto the dick!Jamie was watching all this, youngest underage pussy as was I (but covertly, as I didn't want anyone to see me looking at underage bikini pics other guys). perteen underaged xxx He came over and lay underage teenage free beside me, then asked me to rub some oil into his back. It felt funny at first, kneeling there with my dick flopping around as I did as Jamie asked, then he said, sounding all innocent "That was good, Steve. Can you do my shoulders, too?", so I extended the rubbing higher up, digging my fingers into his muscles, then sliding my hands down his ribs to finish."Mmmmm.... Don't stop....", Jamie murmured."You're done! Oiled all over.""Do my butt, Steve. I'm so comfortable, I don't want to move."Well, what could I say? I mean, Jamie had asked, and it was all pretty innocent. And if I said no, he'd start to think there was something sexual about it. And of course I'd soaped him down in the showers sometimes. But as soon as I underage anal whores started to rub the oil into his hard young butt, I knew it was different - in the showers you're with a lot of other guys and the contact is pretty superficial. Here I was kneeling naked beside him, and really massaging him. His skin was hot from the sun and somehow soft, yet with an underlying hardness that spoke of the strength he had from all his exercise, and Jamie was underage natural pussy really enjoying it, it seemed, as he was muttering "That feels fucking great, Steve, don't stop....".It's hard to massage a guy from the side, so I moved to kneel astride his calves and to carry on doing the back of his thighs. Then I made a few long strokes to "finish off", so to speak, from his shoulders all along the length of him to the back of his knees. Then, to my horror, I saw underage teens picss that lying there on his back, just above the start of his crack, some drops of fluid - they'd settled on the oily surface of Jamie's body. underage russian masterbation I knew at once they were pre-cum, and even as I recognised this I looked down and underage free videos saw that I'd sprung an erection. I know some of you may thing that it was inevitable, with all that sensation from the oil and the heat and Jamie's body, but it wasn't like that at all, really - it was just a "normal" erection that all guys get, or so I thought.I wondered what do to about the pre-cum, and decided to gently massage it in to Jamie - there was no other way of getting rid of it, and as I finished he started to roll over. I didn't want him to see my erection - even though it was totally innocent, I knew Jamie might think that it was because I was some sort of pervert and was getting off on the massage. So I tried to halt him, telling him to lie there until the oil had been absorbed, but there was no stopping him."It's OK, Steve, but I've got to turn over - my dick's in agony!" he told me as he rotated under my oily hands, and as he did so I saw that he was erect, too - it must have been painful pressing into the concrete of the pool surround. I suppose it's no big deal really for a couple of guys to see each other erect, but I felt sort of ashamed, and was glad the tiny underaged cunts sunlight was so strong as it would hide my blushing from embarrassment. Jamie lay on his back, smiling up at me, and said casually "Your hands are all slicked up - you may as well do my front, too."I knelt over him once again, and did his torso (feeling his nips erect as my hands moved over them), and his hard, flat belly, young underage nonnude then quickly moved on down to do his thighs and cambodian underage sex calves. I avoided touching his dick and balls of course, even though his dick remained ramrod hard the whole time, and his 'skin had even retracted so I could see his moist dick head... a dick head that soon had a jewel of pre-cum poking out of the piss slit."Finish me off, Steve", Jamie said quietly, and he playfully flicked his dick around a bit with one hand."No, Jamie, I'm done.""Steve, you don't look like you're done - your dick doesn't think you're done..."What on earth did Jamie mean? Was underage naked children he inviting me to start jerking him off? He'd seen my erection, and was he now suggesting that he might jerk me off? Was he making some comment that I obviously found his body to be arousing? I didn't know, and underage art photo I was in confusion. I knelt there and felt the sweat rolling down me, and when Jamie said casually again "Come on, Steve...." The only way I cold think of to resolve the situation was to get up, run across the surround, and jump into the pool and begin fifteen vigorous fast lengths.When we got to our room that evening Mike stripped off his uniform and threw himself down on to the mattresses, bestlolbbs underage lying there on his back and stroking his underage swedish girls dick to make it hard. "I can hardly wait...", he told me. "I haven't had a bitch all week. sex underage movie But just because you're paying, don't expect to go first! I'm the Champion, remember. But I'll be quicker than usual as it's your victory that's making this possible.""There won't be a bitch tonight, Mike, so you may as well carry on jerking off.""Why not? Did you forget? Wasn't there one available - you should have reminded them underage pubescent nudes that I'm sharing with you, so they gave underage nude thumb you priority...""No, angels underage models Mike, nothing like that.""So that fucker Straughan didn't give you any credits for the win? He should have - you obviously fought really hard...""No, Mike. Look, there isn't going to be a bitch as I didn't order one, and I didn't forget. I knew you'd be expecting one, so it was a tough choice.... But I'm saving all my credits.""For what?"I'd thought about this in advance and had decided that I wasn't going to tell him about my plan to buy Jamie. He probably wouldn't think it was an OK thing to do. Or he might think that I underaged gallery ought to buy him, at the end of his career as well, and there'd be no way I could afford that. Either way, there'd be some sort of senseless argument. So I said as quietly as I could "Saving up for when I leave. I've got to buy a new truck, find work, a place to stay....""You're kidding! You're worried about what happens when you leave sweet underage xxx here? Don't you know that most of us are never going to leave here? The least you could do was to make life as good as possible for us. I don't give a fuck what you want, Steve, but you should be thinking about me. teenie underage You know I haven't got a lot of time left as Champion, and you know I need sex...."Mike's obsession with himself could be tiresome sometimes, so I just shrugged, and said "OK, you need sex. So jerk yourself off.""I've been doing that all week, and looking forward to a treat tonight. I don't think you ought to disappoint me, Steve."I looked at him lying there, teen girls underage and he looked angry now - never a good state for Mike. His dick was rampantly erect, and I could see a tiny pearl of pre-cum on top of his piss slit. He saw me looking, and almost sneered at me "Yes, Steve, see, it's a dick, a dick that's ready for real underage pictures sex. A dick that's not going to be disappointed because my buddy is too much of a damned ***** skate to rent a bitch.... underage sex uncensored I don't fancy jerking off, so underage pussy jpeg get down here and get that mouth of yours wrapped around my dick....""No, Mike. You forced me to do that before, but not any more. I'm trained now, and I'm a gladiator, a gladiator who's just won his first fight."Incredibly quickly, just as if a tightly-coiled spring was suddenly released, Mike was on his feet, facing me. He was really underage asain angry now, and snapped free underage boy "On your knees, Steve - get down and get sucking. I'll give you five seconds....."I stood my ground, but of course it was useless. I was much better trained now, but there was still no way I could defeat Mike in any kind of fight - and especially not models underage art when most of my muscles were still aching from the fight I'd had. He soon had me pinioned down, his knees digging into my upper arms to prevent movement as he sat on my chest holding me down. His fingers stroked his dick to revive it's hardness, then he leaned his body forward and began to slap my face with his dick, crooning "Yes, Steve, get ready to take my dick... It's going to go right down your throat, Steve, so open wide, and get ready to take it.... I need to fuck, Steve, a man needs that, you know, so get ready, Steve, get ready to take my dick deep, deep down your underage forbidden young throat...."I shook m head vigorously, determined not to part my lips even a little and give Mike an opening to start to thrust his dick in. He leaned backwards, and grabbed my balls and squeezed. "Listen, fucker, I told you to open your mouth. Now, so as I say, or else I'll hurt you..."Well, what can you do when a guy who is sex crazed has you by your balls? I didn't doubt for a moment that Mike would hurt me if I didn't do exactly as he said - so I opened my mouth, and at once got the salty taste of Mike's sweat-covered dick and his pre-cum on my tongue."Good boy!", he crooned. "You're learning, Steve... Now you're going to take it all the way...."The next fifteen minutes were dreadful. I gagged, I retched, I spluttered, my nose streamed mucus, my eyes were running with tears, and my legs thrashed impotently around as if they could in some way stop Mike's assault on erotic teenage underage my throat. This was no gentle sucking of one guy's dick by another - it was far, underage pic video far beyond that: it was rape.It was over at last, though - Mike pulled right out, jerked his dick a few times shouting "Jesus Christ, I'm cumming... oh.... fuck...." and shot innocent underage virgin his load all over my face. I can remember seeing all the muscles in his magnificent body straining, and the droplets of sweat running down him as he crouched on top of me, and the heat and weight of his sweating body on mine. He sat there on top of me, hardly bothering naked underage sister to make it easy for me to pantyhose underage breathe by taking any of his weight on his knees, and carried on squeezing at his dick and allowing the small residues of his cum to seep out as he sighed underage cum shot and moaned. He wiped his dick several times across underage xxx liste my nose and lips, then, finally, sat back a bit and looked down at me. "That was good, Steve. But I don't think you enjoyed it as much as I did. Still, it's good when a buddy helps another one out...""You fucker...."Mike smiled underage gallery model as he used his fingers to marshal the cum down my face and into my mouth. "Yes, Steve, I am, aren't I? I'm a real man, a fucker. And if here's no bitch around, a real man has to fuck what he can find."He got off me then and lay down, still contentedly caressing his dick and balls. And like he often did after sex, he was soon asleep. I lay there feeling baby underage nude violated and used, and still choking and coughing a bit from where Milk's cum was irritating my bruised throat. It took me ages underage kdz pix to get to sleep, but I did of course as I'm a healthy guy and I need my sleep, and in fact I slept so deeply that Mike had to shake me awake the next morning when the guards were coming.He seemed bright and cheerful, ready to face the day, and was acting just as if nothing had happened! He slapped me on the butt playfully as I stood there waiting free underage nudist for the door to open, and told sucking underage girls me to cheer up as it was a fantastic day, the sun underage models pix was shining, all that sort of crap."Mike, pedo underaged you can't just act like nothing happened!""What do you mean?""You raped me!""Oh don't be so melodramatic, Steve. I only fucked your throat, that's all.""That's all? That's all? You held underage teen clip me down and forced your dick down my throat... "Mike's mood tits underage girl of cheerfulness seemed to evaporate. He grabbed hold of my arm and almost snapped "Listen, Steve, and listen well. I'm the Champion here, and I can do pretty much as I like. Straughan knows that a real man like me needs sex, and he wants me to have it as that way I stay in fighting trim properly. So don't go whining to him.""I wouldn't. You may not realise it, but I'm a man, too, and a man fights his own battles.""Yes, Steve, and last night you were defeated. And I was underage girls shagging the winner. And the winner takes all. Now stop whining - a dick down our throat is hardly life threatening! And it's your fault, anyway, for not bringing a bitch back with you. And this is a warning, Steve - when you next win a fight, you'd better be sure you use the winnings to get us a underage kidz pedo bitch, or I'll likely fuck your throat again. Or perhaps I might go for the real thing....""You wouldn't! I never had you down as a fag!"Mike pinioned me against the wall, bbs underage xxx his forearm at my throat and almost strangling me. "Listen here, Steve - don't you ever call underage nudist pic me a fag! Not ever. Understand?"I did my best to nod. "You know I'm into bitches, seriously into them. And the only reason I mess around with other guys as it's kind of natural to do so in here, when there's not a lot else to do and when a man needs relief. I've told you before, that's perfectly natural - men have been doing it for thousands of years. So unless you want a good beating from me, you'd better remember that and I never want to hear the word 'fag' again. Is that clear?"I porno underage fucking nodded, as best I could. Mike dropped his arm from my throat, and I stood there rubbing at it as I was so sore. Mike watched me for a few seconds, then japanese teen underage his mood seemed to change again. I could hardly believe what he was saying as it was so different. "Look, Steve, I was angry last night as I was expecting a bitch. And the least you could have done was suck my dick - that's not so much to ask from a buddy, is it? teen hardcore underage Millions of men do it every day. So when you wouldn't oblige, I had to take what I needed, didn't I? underaged prteen I had underage nake model no other option, as you know I need sex. Now let's not put a little thing like a dick down your throat come between us - I've got to like pedo underage cunt having you in here as it's good to have a buddy to talk illegal porno underage to in the evening. But if you're going to be stupid, I'll underage nude porno ask Straughan to move you out and get another roomie - that Jamie's got a pedo underage kiddy cute ass, and I don't think he's as inhibited as you clearly underage amateur movie are."It wasn't just Jamie I was thinking of: I wasn't trying to protect him from Mike's dick as I suspected that free underage all over Philips' Fighters there were men forced to submit to others - I guess it's what happens when you lock a group of tough virile guys up together. No, I could see that something that Mike brunette underage slut had said was true - it was good to have a buddy, a real buddy like Mike, to talk to at night.I stuck out my hand. "Shake.... But no more raping...."Mike grinned and shook mine. "Grow up, Steve! I might have to, if we can't sort ourselves out for a bit of mutual fun. But we'll stick at jerking off, and the occasional sucking, OK?"Still holding his hand I continued to free young underage women underage pussy shake it. "It's a deal, Mike. I like the 'we' in what you said, and I can't wait to see how good you kiddy underage picture underage blonde are when it's your mouth and my dick."I don't know whether Mike thought I was joking, or not, as the door opened and we went out to begin another day.______________________________For the next few months life went on as usual, except that now I was "out of underage teen goys training" I began to get scheduled for more and more appearances in the arena - not just the small one for the richest clients, but even sometimes as a sort of "supporting act" in the main arena, in underage teen galleries front of thousands. It didn't matter much to me, actually, as once I started to fight my world closed down to contain just me and the other guy as I fought and manoeuvred to beat him, and the surroundings, the crowds, the cheering... all that stuff became a background blur. I was successful, too - I'd been a marine before I was enslaved, and so I had a kind of "head start" on some of my opponents. But it wasn't that, I think - as we lay together one night after jerking each other off, Mike was complimenting me on my performance earlier in the week and I told him about my theory. "Fucking stupid, Steve. There are good fighters, and bad fighters. Good marine fighters and bad marine fighters. I reckon you're one of those guys who just naturally is a fighter - you want to win, and you'll do anything to make it happen. You probably denied it in life outside, even in the marines where I bet you kept apologising for beating the other guys in your unit. You denied it even to yourself, and you're continuing to forum underage galleries do so - I think you're afraid to let anyone, least of all yourself, see that you're a pretty ruthless kind of guy who'll do anything he can to win. And with that kind of personality, it's no wonder you're turning into such a good underage swim models gladiator.""Fucking rubbish, Mike. I'm not like that at all. I'm a regular, decent guy, who simply happens to be good at fighting.""...who happens to be good at fighting because deep down he's driven to win."There's not a lot of point in arguing something like that with Mike as he won't give in once his mid is made up on a subject, and he'd just porn underage videos get more and more ridiculous. So I kind of shrugged, and we turned over and went to sleep - Mike's butt pressing against mine as we turned in opposite directions was kind of nice.We didn't resolve the sex thing, though - every underage asian ******** time I won Mike made a point of making me suck him off as I hadn't provided a bitch, although he never tried a real rape of my throat again. I challenged him about this once, and he smiled at me. "Hey, Steve, we're buddies, or so you keep telling me. And buddies suck each other off. But in incest underage any case there's underaged porns no need for me to rape our throat - you're getting so good at underaged girls pic servicing my dick, so good at taking it down until your nose is buried in my pubes, that it's minimodels underage as good as a fuck. I've had a lot of guys sucking my underage pussy illegal dick, Steve, and you're right up there in the top five.""Hey! I'm not sure I like being called a good cock sucker! And what's all this about buddies sucking each other off? I cp kiddy underage haven't felt my dick in your mouth....""Steve, haven't you learned yet? What regular buddies do together is one thing. But what buddies do when one of them is Champion is different."I was about nude underage sluts to say something about getting my chance once he was no longer Champion, but stopped myself as I knew this was such a worry to Mike .Mike continued to win, although before every match he now got more and more tense as he seemed certain that this would be "the one" where he finally lost. He usually let me have "sloppy seconds" with the bitches after these matches, but sometimes, with a twinkle in his eye, he'd say something like "Real buddies would share, Steve, and you don't do that. So no fucking a bitch for you tonight...", and on those occasions he'd invite Darren into our room and I'd have to lie there russian porn underage underage sexuality and watch and listen as first Mike, and then Darren, laid into her. It was kind of interesting about Darren, actually - since his "eighteenth" he'd really come on as a kick boxer, probably because he had the right type of physique for it. He was strong and muscular, but somehow compact and lithe at the same time. He was very proud of his body and his strength, and once his pubes had re-grown it was almost as if he wore his uniform pushed down as far as possible so everyone could see underage ass his dark black thatch fanning out above it. He idolised Mike, and would always push to the front for the best view when Mike was fighting, or practising, he always wanted to sit at our table at meals even when it was, as I've told you, the custom for the different types hairy underage girl of gladiator to sit together, and was always on the look out for little services he could do for Mike. His idea of heaven, I think, was to get himself next to Mike in the showers so he could naked underage children be the one to soap and wash Mike, and if we were all together in a young underage pussy cluster, generally doing each other, he'd elbow us out of the way so he could kneel and soap Mike's dick and butt!Mike kind of liked this attention, I think, but was nothing other than brutally realistic with Darren. One night, after Darren had fucked Mike's bitch and she'd gone, he lay between us but facing Mike as if hoping that by ignoring underage shocking cp me I'd somehow magically disappear. "Thanks, Mike", I head him say. "You were great! Opened her up nicely... She was panting for it... I really want to be like you, Mike, and when I start to win and have a bitch myself, these lessons will be invaluable... I might even get to be Champion one day."Mike had been sort of agreeing with Darren as he said all this stuff, giving little murmurs of assent, and half laughs. But suddenly he sounded serious. "There's no way you're ever going o be Champion, Darren, so forget about it.""Yes, I can, I'm fucking good....""Darren, it doesn't matter how good you are. You'll never be Champion as you simply don't have underage ls magazine the body for it. Champions are always big guys, like Steve and me, big guys who can smash and hit others. You're underage tiny pussies a great kick boxer - you're getting better and better at it - you've got the right 'will to win' and the right kind of body for it. But there's no way you can go beyond that, no way.... Sorry, Darren."Darren usually regarded anything that Mike said as if it was written on tablets of stone, not to be argued with, so I was surprised when he replied. "Well, actually, I think the whole scene is changing. Folks increasingly want to see skill, real athletic skill, and not just a couple of guys beating the shit out of each other."Oh no, here we go again, I thought as the next moment Mike was astride Darren, pinning him down to the mattress. "Listen, Darren, and listen good. The public come to the arena to see fights, real fights, fights between real men, underage models 15yo fights where two men battle each other - yes, battle - until one of them disables the other. They want to see blood. They want to see bruising, black eyes, the occasional broken limb.... A bit of athletic kick boxing between a couple of nice-bodied guys is OK as a warm-up, the second feature, so to speak, but the real reason they're there is to see men like me. And they always will come for that."Whatever he thought of it, Darren had the good sense to shut up and stop arguing as I think he knew underage lil models what Mike could be like when roused, as I did. So Mike only "punished" him by deciding that he hadn't had enough sex and that Darren should suck his dick; and, actually, I don't think it underage lolasex was all that much of a punishment as Darren really liked the opportunity of being that close to Mike!It did make me think, though. Was the world of gladiators about to change, in spite of what Mike said? Was Darren right, and the public mood was turning more towards athleticism and less towards sheer physical brutality? There wasn't an answer for me that night, but the underage fuck tgp thoughts whirled around in my head underage erotic angels as I underage fuck hard drifted into sleep - well, not actually straight away. Once Darren had sucked his dick until Mike had shot for the second time that night, he ordered Darren to turn over and help me out!Darren protested, and Mike slapped his butt - not in that friendly way he sometimes did to sites underage girls me, but with much more menace and a clear threat of what would happen if Darren carried on arguing. "It's OK, thanks, Mike...", I said, trying to spare Darren."Keep out of it, Steve! I told Darren to do something, and you know I don't change my mind. He's got to learn to obey the Champion."It's OK for Mike to say things like that, but it was my dick that Darren was about to suck, and I do think a guy ought tgp boys underage to be able to choose whether that happens to him or not. But we all needed sleep, and I didn't want to provoke Mike any more, so I threw my arm out sideways and as gently as I could pulled Darren towards me. And it was fun, actually - I ran my hands over his hard, firm body as he worked away, and it was really sensual.End Of Part Thirteen
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